PT. Siwani Makmur Tbk is engaged in manufacturing business that produces a variety of flexible bag packaging for industries that need it.

The company’s customers include the household equipment industry such as detergent soap, food industry such as instant noodles, coffee, chocolate and cooking oil, the pharmaceutical industry such as herbs and supplements.
The Company uses raw materials including plastic sheets and plastic pellets, aluminum sheets and paper. These materials are obtained from inside and outside the country.

The Company operates its business based on orders from the buyer. Most of the orders received by the company are re-ordered. The business process is initiated by an order from the buyer, ordering and purchasing materials, the production process, the shipping and billing process. The production process generally consists of a printing process, an inspection process, a coating process, a cutting process and a bag forming process.

Until the end of 2013, the Company’s operational activities were supported by 3 units of Printing Machines, 3 units of Lamination Machines and 5 units of Cutting Machines.

Packaging products produced by the Company must be able to fulfill the following functions:
1. As a protector of the buyer’s products from the destructive elements.
2. Maintain freshness and extend product durability.
3. Facilitate the handling of distribution, storage and display of products.
4. Media for delivering product information.
5. The shape and color as attracting consumer interest.

The number of employees up to now is 12 people.